During the summers of 2014 and 2015, I traveled to Tuscany to paint and explore. Out of that trip came the Tuscany Series, collage and mixed media pieces inspired by Tuscan landscapes and people. The colors, the light, and the personalities inspired a variety of pieces which have been part of multiple exhibitions.

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Most notably, this series developed into a two-person exhibit with my dear friend and fellow collage artist, Chrissy McIntyre. This exhibit features our unique interpretations of the same Tuscan views.

Everyone sees the world in their own individual way, even when admiring the same view. What would happen if two artists who work in a similar medium and form created pieces from the same source material? The end result provides a glimpse into the way each artist interprets the world around her and expresses it as art. Several pairs of paintings are displayed together, culminating in the quadriptych piece, “Ponte Vecchio,” in which the artists alternate panels to create one image.