Her Course Is Set

Birds and Words juxtaposes songbirds with headlines and pull quotes from vintage LIFE magazines to create amusing and thought-provoking pieces.

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When my parents moved out of their house after almost 35 years, there were many, many things passed on to me. Among the items was a stack of LIFE magazines from the 1960’s. I had these for several years, stored in a box, until one day I stumbled upon them again and opened them up. I was very taken with the feel of the paper, the ads, the photos, and, mostly, the typography. The first pull quote that spoke to me was ‘At 15, he knew what he thought about everything.’ The article was about some world leader of the time, but to me, taken out of context, it had it’s own meaning. I was intrigued with the idea of pairing of two unrelated things – songbirds and the out of context quotes – to create something that would have a different and individual meaning to each person based on their own interpretation and life experiences.

This series is ongoing, and I enjoy adding to it as I find pull quotes and pages from these magazines that speak to me in some way.