About Cat

cat delett

We all have stories that shape who we are. Some stories we share with the world and some we keep hidden deep beneath our surface. What we show the world is not always our full truth, our full self; sometimes we show those parts which are acceptable to society, friends, family. What is hidden, with whom do we choose to share our hidden stories? My most recent series of paintings speaks to the parts of us we keep hidden and protected from the outside world, and the parts we choose to reveal.

I am a narrative artist. Every piece tells a story, often left ambiguous and up to the interpretation of the observer. Using acrylic, watercolor, paper, and words, I draw the viewer into the painting, whether into the story I intended, or one of your own imagining colored by your experiences. Using humor, melancholy, and wit, the pieces are often infused with personal symbolism. The viewer walks away feeling as if they have, for a moment, been pulled into a story that is either familiar, unexpected, or both.

A visual artist living and working in Maplewood, NJ, Cat was born and raised in South Jersey and has made her way all through NJ, earning her BFA from Trenton State College (The College of New Jersey) in graphic design and illustration along the way – but don’t call her a “Jersey Girl” or ask if she knows how to pump her own gas. She has been painting for most of her life. Her work has been exhibited in galleries and juried shows throughout New Jersey, both in group and solo shows, and is displayed in private residences across the country. She lists among her influences Matisse, Eric Carle, Seydou Keita, and Frida Kahlo as well as all the artists creating around her, literature, old photographs, a pervasive ennui, and a quirky sense of humor.

You can see more of Cat’s work at her ArtsRow studio or by following her on Instagram @catdelett or on Facebook @catdelettart. Contact Cat by emailing her at cat@delett.com.